It is one of our missions to be able to develop young Indonesian legal talent into highly competent legal professionals who are leaders in the Indonesian legal and/or business community, while they also hold to the highest standards of professionalism and standard of conduct at all times. We also intend to create a sustainable and self-regenerating quality Indonesian firm. Our aspiration is for MDC to continue to grow as an institution, and for such institution to be more important than any of its lawyers For this we are willing to work hard, remain committed to our vision, and endeavor to continuously provide opportunities so our people can grow as respected professionals in their own right.

We view lawyering as a long-term career in which one must excel at in order to be able to ultimately fully enjoy and be able to reap the profession’s full rewards. As such, we are dedicated to fostering a working environment based on meritocracy and the continuous strive for excellence. However, we do so while fully recognizing the importance of collegiality, teamwork and mutual respect amongst us and have created a workplace that is both professional and sociable. MDC always strives to strike a balance between the office professionalism and the personal life of each lawyer. We believe we have managed to maintain our high level of services quality to the clients without overlooking the need of each individual for family and other personal times and demands.

MDC adopts a two-tier partnership track open to all lawyers of the firm having fulfilled certain requirements as established from time to time. Generally MDC has grown to its current size due to organic growth. To strengthen and add to our human resources, we take a cautious approach.

Having said that, MDC is always interested in applicants who demonstrate a track record and continuous desire to excel, positive attitudes and high level of self motivation, and the willingness to continuously grow and improve.

Hiring is not done at a specific time, and MDC will always be interested in applications showing promise. Applications for employment as lawyers should be signed and sent in hard copy along with an ID color photo and curriculum vitae addressed to the attention of Human Resource Manager of MDC. Under no circumstances should you send any application to our lawyers e-mail addresses.

Each year MDC hires a number of new graduates from the top Indonesian law schools who fulfill MDC’s criteria to join as trainee associates. New graduates or "close to graduating" law students who have academic excellence, English proficiency and intellectual curiosity are encouraged to submit their applications to MDC.

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Applicants who have law firm experience and specialized skills will be deemed especially appealing. As it continues to grow, MDC always looks for good lawyers to reinforce its team. If you are looking for a change to your career, please send us an application directly.

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